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BMW Mechanical Service

For many BMW owners, buying your first BMW gives you the feeling like "you have arrived".  You have worked hard to get to the place where you can buy a true, luxury performance vehicle. If you are a BMW veteran that may be on your 5th or 6th BMW, you both share a common concern.  Where can I take my Beemer to a place that can properly diagnose and fix my car?  Our BMW certified mechanics have attained the highest levels of certification. And we have the diagnositic and repair tools to fix your vehicle exactly the right way.  Our certifications match and exceed your local BMW dealership.  And do you want to compare the prices???

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BMW Collision / Accident

If you are involved in an accident with your BMW,, we know its devastating. Fortunately you will find solace in knowing that Hardy Vehicle Designs has been involved in complete auto body repair and painting for all BMW types, regardless of make, model or year. Our portfolio of accident / collision repairs are unrivaled from any BMW shop in Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix or anywhere in the valley. And if your accident or collision may have cost damages or issues to your engine, electrical system, tires etc. our team can quickly and completely diagnose what needs to be addressed to keep your car running and performing to the standard that BMW mandates.  The highest!

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BMW Service Scottsdale

BMW Maintenance

Now that you have joined the exclusive club of BMW ownership it is important to know and adhere to the maintenance schedule recommended from the manufacturer.  This includes engine oil & filter, brake fluid checks, brake inspection, cabin air filter inspection, coolant check, engine inspection, engine oil check, tire rotation, vehicle inspection and everything else including glass and wiper blade inspection. The right plan is a proactive plan.  If you own a BMW make sure to set up a maintenance schedule with Hardy Vehicle Designs.  Many visits will not cost a thing! Keep your high performance vehicle running at a high performance level.

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The Brand

There are very few automobiles that can take you from 0-100 mph in a manner of seconds. BMW is one of them. Elegance, performance, drive-ability, there are countless ways to describe what BMW has produced since 1916. What makes  a BMW stand above the crowd is the attention to detail. As minute to car door sound to as sophisticated as BMW Assist technology. The cutting edge engineering, tech, and performance history has marked the BMW brand as not only one of the highest performance European vehicle brands, but one of the highest ranked performance vehicles in the world.  Hardy Vehicle Designs is your trusted & local BMW full service shop!






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