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汽车修理 - 碰撞 - 保养


Hardy Vehicle Designs 提供全方位的服务。  虽然我们专注于 BMW 和欧洲车辆,但我们一长串满意的客户将证明我们在服务所有车辆类型方面拥有丰富的经验和专业知识,品牌、型号和年份。我们随时准备协助您进行机械维修、车身和碰撞、维护、刹车、空调维修、修复、挡风玻璃更换、保修工作和车辆性能。  无论您需要对车辆进行何种类型的工作,我们的团队都会为您提供帮助。 Hardy Vehicle Designs - 您真正的“一站式商店”。  


BMW maintenance

We offer full mechanical services and can quickly diagnose what is going on with your car and get you back on the road!  

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Tempe auto service

Do you own a high performance vehicle? Ask us what we can do to take your car to the next level.You will be amazed...  

A/C System

BMW repair Tempe

When you live in Arizona, one of the main priorities for your car is to "blow cold". If its not, we can get you in quickly to fix your A/C. 


BMW collision

What can we do for vehicle customization and restoration? Browse our Projects Gallery and see for yourself!  

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Accident / Collison

Brake repair Tempe

Regardless of your make, model or year we are collision experts and we work with every insurance company. 

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Brake repair Tempe

Fundamental & critical. We offer free brake checks and can ensure that you're vehicle brakes perform as they should, when they should. 

Engine Light Check

Check engine light Tempe AZ

We cringe when we see it. Relax, many times it is something minor. The important thing is to bring it in right away for a free scan. 

Other Services 

BMW engine service

Hardy Vehicle Designs offers a full menu of mechanical & auto body services. Get a free online estimate or call for a quote today.

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Tempe auto service

Regular maintenance is key to the longevity or your vehicle. Schedule your service while you wait!

Auto Glass
Windshield glass repair and replacement

Windshield and auto glass repair done the right way. With original manufacture glass (OEM) installed by trained professionals 

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Wheels & Tires

Wheels and Tires

Damaged wheels, tire replacement or even checking tire pressure when your light comes on. We can help! 

Hardy Happy Cars

Hardy Vehicle reviews

Our goal is simple. When you know your car is reliable you feel safe. We make sure every car is "Hardy Happy Car"

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坦佩 / 斯科茨代尔 / 凤凰城

我们是领先的机械维修和碰撞及车身修理厂之一,为坦佩、斯科茨代尔、凤凰城及周边地区的客户提供服务。我们训练有素且技术娴熟的机械师仅使用最现代的诊断设备和维修工具在众多车辆上工作。无论您驾驶的是汽车、卡车、货车还是 SUV,我们的团队都会确保您的车辆发挥最佳性能在离开我们的工厂之前最好先听一下。  我们的维修店拥有卓越服务的良好记录,因此来自整个山谷的人们 - Gilbert、Chandler、Mesa、Queen Creek、Carefree、Cave Creek 和其他所有人偏远地区前往 Hardy Vehicle Designs 进行汽车保养或维修。

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