About Us

Our customers know their cars are in expert hands. As a locally owned and operated business, we pride ourselves in our personal service and reliable integrity.


Founder and Master Technician 
Tyler is a master technician and the founder of hardy vehicle designs. his knowledge is extensive in all BMW makes and models as well as import vehicles.

Why i started hardy vehicle designs.

I founded Hardy Vehicle Designs in 2016 to proudly serve automobile owners in all of Arizona. I grew up in love with the power and feel of vehicles and I chose to make that my career. I'm passionate about cars, and hire people who show the same passion. That's why Hardy Vehicle Designs brings that passion to the work we do. Our automotive specialists are professional, quick and careful, just the way they should be.
Dylan is one of our lead master technicians. he went to school for European vehicles and is knowledgeable in Japanese and other import cars.
Rob is our body specialist. He takes care of all body imperfections INCLUDING scratcheS, dents, AND COLLISON. he's been in the business for a little over 12 years.
Juanito is a technician from the Philippines and is known for his exceptional work. he OPENED HIS own auto shop and is ONE OF THE TOP automotive leaders in the Philippines.  

Behind The Scenes



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