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Auto Glass Services


We Do Auto Glass...The Right Way

HVD Auto offers full windshield and auto glass replacement services. See the options below for paying out of pocket or going through your insurance company.  We work with all insurance companies and offer great rates if you are paying. 

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Going through Insurance? 

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 We work with all insurance companies to cover your glass claim!

If you own a car in Arizona you know what can happen to your windshield and auto glass.  Rock stones and debris from the freeway, construction areas, landscaping vehicles ahead of you on the road, big trucks hauling rocks and Arizona monsoons that send anything and everything at your windshield if you are caught on the road when they hit.


We have all been shook by that loud and sudden "hit" against your windshield. Additionally and unfortunately many Arizona residents have also been victimized by automotive break-ins to side glass, back glass and even attempted entry or vandalism to their windshield.  Replacing a windshield is a much bigger job then what you may think.  Depending on your vehicle year, make and model, your auto glass may need to be installed in a manner that requires extensive de-trimming and even possibly major auto parts and panel removal to install the new auto glass properly. 


Do you want the "we will come to you and offer you free Omaha Steaks" glass company installing and overcharging for after-market glass?  Or do you want the job done right? Installed and sealed as your auto manufacturer dictates? There is only one way to install auto glass - the right way.  Your windshield is often your first line of defense against oncoming danger.  You want to have it replaced by reliable, certified mechanics.  Not a salesperson that solicits you at your local gas station. Hardy Vehicle Designs will help you with your auto glass by doing quality work at a reasonable price


And your insurance will pay for it! 

We also have BMW and Tesla trained auto glass experts on site! 

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